Power for Therapy Anytime, Anywhere.




The Transcend power options provide backup power during storms and brown outs for uninterrupted therapy. They’re also perfect for use in remote locations where power is unavailable. Ensure you’ll always have the energy you’ll need, whether you’re on the road or at home.


Transcend P8 Battery™ 

The Transcend P8 Battery is perfect for your next getaway.  This battery is powerful enough to give you therapy away from home, but small enough to pack in your bag.  The P8 Battery doubles as fail-over power during power outages when used in-line with AC or DC power.  Rechargeable with AC, DC or solar power.


Transcend P4 Battery™ 

The Transcend P4 Battery is ideal if you’re looking for peace of mind at home.  This small, unobtrusive battery will power your PAP, when used in-line with the AC or DC power supply, in the event of a power outage.  It’s also prime for short trips away from home. Rechargeable with AC, DC or solar power.

Battery Performance Chart










Transcend Portable Solar Battery Charger™ 

The solar charger works with both Transcend batteries to recharge them in the sun so you can sleep under the stars.

Transcend DC Mobile Power Adaptor

The DC mobile power adaptor is the ideal PAP power source for road trips, boating, or PAP use from any DC outlet.  It also can also be used in-line with Transcend batteries to recharge them while delivering therapy.


Transcend AC Power Supply™

The Universal AC Power Supply comes standard with each Transcend PAP.  The small, lightweight power supply automatically converts voltage- no converter necessary!  It can be used in-line with Transcend batteries to charge them while delivering therapy.


Power Specifications