Operations FAQ


What should I do if I am experiencing problems with my Transcend?

Your healthcare provider or Somnetics Customer Support (877-621-9626) can assist you with any questions you may have.

Which CPAP masks can be used with Transcend?

Transcend PAPs can be used with all CPAP masks, including nasal cushion, nares pillow, and full face.

If the Transcend Waterless Humidification option is used, mask compatibility is important. See the question: Is Transcend Waterless Humidification technology compatible with all CPAP masks? for a discussion on mask compatibility.

To give you the freedom to use the mask of your choice, Transcend does not come with a CPAP mask. This is common practice with all CPAP offerings.

Can batteries be used at the same time the Transcend is plugged into another power source?

Yes. The P4 and P8 batteries can be used in line with AC power (home wall power) or DC power (such as in a car, boat or RV). By doing so, the P4 or P8 battery will provide an uninterrupted power supply, just like a laptop computer battery. In the event of a storm or power outage, using the Transcend battery in line will guarantee power for the therapy you need for a good night’s sleep.

How are the pressure and ramp set on Transcend?

Pressure and ramp can be set by a Clinician or DME on the Transcend CPAP by using either the compliance software supplied with the Transcend Sleep Apnea Therapy System or the optional LCD Programmable Base Station. Either must be operated in Clinician mode to make adjustments to the settings on Transcend.

Should “Dry Mode Cleaning” setting be run with or without tubing?

Drying mode serves as a method to dry out excess moisture remaining from device usage. As such, it is preferable to keep the hose and interface attached, but not required.

Can the CPAP be operated upside down?

The Transcend CPAP is designed for efficient therapy delivery regardless of orientation, thus you may seat the device in whichever direction allows for the most comfortable therapy.