Other FAQ


How can I learn about new accessories and advances made to Transcend?

Please subscribe to the Somnetics’ email list on the Contact page to receive updated information about Transcend or email info@somnetics.com.

How do I place an order for Transcend?

If you are a healthcare provider or durable medical equipment (DME) supplier you can order Transcend by calling 877-621-9626 or email sales@somnetics.com.

If you are a sleep apnea patient, you can purchase Transcend from your local DME supplier or on the internet through a number of online CPAP suppliers. Please visit the Buy Transcend page  or call Transcend customer support (877-621-9626) to locate a dealer near you.

Can I try Transcend to see if I like it before I buy?

No. Transcend is approved by the FDA as a single patient use medical device. That means it cannot be used on more than one patient. As such, no units are available for test before purchase.

Is Transcend covered by Medicare or private insurance?

Generally yes, but because reimbursements vary from company to company you should contact your insurance company to be sure. It is recommended that you contact your local DME or healthcare provider for advice in the event you want to use your insurance to help pay for Transcend.

Can the CPAP be operated upside down?

The Transcend CPAP is designed for efficient therapy delivery regardless of orientation, thus you may seat the device in whichever direction allows for the most comfortable therapy.