Power Options FAQ

Power Options

What power options are available for Transcend?

Transcend comes with a standard AC power connector and offers a battery and mobile power adaptor as options that are sold separately.

Is there a vehicle power adaptor for Transcend?

Yes! Transcend has a mobile power adaptor available that allows it to plug into the DC power outlet in your car, truck, RV, boat, camper, or wherever you choose to sleep. You can also use the mobile power adaptor to recharge the Transcend battery pack.

Do I need to charge the battery pack before I use it for the first time?

Yes, make sure the battery is fully charged before using it with Transcend for the first time.

Can I charge the battery pack while it is connected to my Transcend?

Yes, the Transcend battery can be recharged with the AC power supply or mobile power adaptor while delivering therapy.  The Portable Solar Battery Charger will also recharge Transcend batteries, but it cannot be used during therapy.

How long will the battery power my Transcend?

The P4 Battery will provide approximately 7 hours of therapy at 14 cmH2O and the P8 Battery will provide approximately 14 hours at the same setting.  These averages are based on testing at 14 cmH2O and may vary based upon leak rate, altitude and tidal volume.  Please refer to the Power Options Page for further details.

Can Transcend be battery operated?

Yes, there are two battery options available. The P4 Battery is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs about half a pound. The P4 battery is designed to provide approximately 7 hours* at 14 cmH2O.

The P8 Battery covers the same footprint as the P4 battery, but is approximately twice the thickness. The P8 battery weighs just over one pound and is designed to provide approximately14 hours* of therapy at 14 cmH2O.

Both the P4 and P8 batteries are lithium ion. From a dead charge, it takes approximately 5 hours to fully charge the P4 battery and 8 hours to charge the P8 battery using AC line power or DC power (using an optional Transcend Mobile Power Adaptor). Either battery should last a minimum of 300 charging cycles.

P4 and P8 batteries can also be charged using the Transcend Solar Battery Charger. Note, however, the charge time using the Transcend Solar Battery Charger will be longer and will depend on the availability of sunlight. From a dead charge, the Transcend Solar Battery Charger will charge the P4 battery in approximately 6 hours if the Charger is placed in direct sunlight, while 12 hours will be needed to charge the P8 battery.


*Averages based on testing at 14 cmH2O and may vary based upon leak rate, altitude and tidal volume.  Please refer to the Power Options page for further details on battery operational time.

Can batteries be used at the same time the Transcend is plugged into another power source?

Yes. The P4 and P8 batteries can be used in line with AC power (home wall power) or DC power (such as in a car, boat or RV). By doing so, the P4 or P8 battery will provide an uninterrupted power supply, just like a laptop computer battery. In the event of a storm or power outage, using the Transcend battery in line will guarantee power for the therapy you need for a good night’s sleep.